Under Andie Whitewing’s personal and artistic vision for Pee Wee’s record and coordination of creative efforts, a tremendous creative team worked with generous hearts and technical skill to produce “Heart of Steel“. ¬†What follows are the production credits.


Executive Producer

Andie Whitewing

Sound Content


Myles Boisen

Andie Whitewing

Recording Engineers

Rick Jones (Western swing studio recordings)

Paul Muffoletto (Jazz session recording)

Myles Boisen (Andie’s vocals, guitar tracks on “Jambalaya” and “S’Wonderful”, much restoration, editing, mixing, and all mastering)

Chip Westerfield (Cheryl Jewell’s vocals)

Yaschua Duprey-Churn (DeMerris’ vocals)

Album Artwork

Erika Miller (Graphic Design)

Corrina Keeling (Hand lettering – all titles)

Ian Hanington (Text Editor)


Andie Whitewing

Dan Witter


Andie Whitewing

All other contents come from the family photograph collection and archival work from various sources.